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The Master Idea: The Nature of "Gravity", Its Equivalent Counterpart(s), and Its Association with Time © 2016 XJ Corps

© 2015 XJ Randall, formerly known as "XJ Hall" (defunct)
John Edward Hall (Randall)
XJ Corps

The Master Idea: The Nature of "Gravity",
Its Equivalent Counterpart(s), and Its Association with Time
By XJ Randall

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(1.) Intro.

The Nature of Gravity has been apparent since the inception of 'thermodynamics', although not so widely expressed or acknowledged. Count Rumford stated its premise no less than what it means: 'Heat is Motion' (paraphrase). What we learn from his amazing yet simple observation is that his conclusion was probably the first indirect solution to an unnecessary puzzle that some say even Einstein couldn't solve. Rumford's declaration leads us, many years later, to close the book and forever seal the fate of the true nature of Gravity, showing us that there are many useful and awesome applications that may stem from it.

(2.) What is Gravity..?

Heat is Gravity. As unbelievable as it sounds, this simple statement is applied to its most important counter-parts: Heat is Motion, Motion is Gravity, Gravity is Attraction, and Heat is Attraction. Knowing that not all the information may be present at this time to understand unorthodox or undiscovered types of 'Heat', we should note that 'Heat' can be used for 'abstract-physical' cases of its usage, which will be explained later.

(3.) The Ship and the Whirlpools Analogy

Using a simple analogy, we can visualize a ship traveling through a large body of water while whirlpools varying in degrees are stationary in translation within the ship's path.

(insert graphic here)

As the ship travels through 'open water', as seen in the RED path, its course resembles what would occur after nearing (or encountering) the motion contained within the areas, or radii, of each whirlpool. We would say the ATTRACTION or GRAVITY, noted by the GREEN arrows, is respective to the HEAT or MOTION that encircles the core of each whirl-pool (or body). So the path the ship moves on makes sense. At the end, the ship's course is affected by the largest moving body. Thus, what we mean by 'Heat' is a summation of a conglomerate or complex motion. Everything works together, but there are correspondences to Heat, or in other words, counterparts that may be exchanged for the same thing.

(4.) Applying this to the Master Idea.

Heat can be interchanged with other equivalent parts and applied to other theory, including its emulsification to the Master Idea, a force of higher power that once understood allows us to manipulate reality and prove that God is a fact. But what we know now is that the Master Idea is like a blueprint, or "constant sigil"; theory tells us that it is static, like a piece of paper on top of a table, but the CHANGE that we observe in reality is amazingly manifested through it.

We liken the analogy in the previous section to the Master Idea. In the analogy, the whirlpools are fostered by a 'rocky floor' underneath them. This means that the Motion or movement above the rocks is possible via the contour of the surface beneath it. Similarly, the Master Idea is like a rock, it is constant. Like the motion or water above the rocks, the reality we observe is changeable, and we may predict the outcome of world events similar to predicting the path of the ship. It could come down to mathematics, but what we guess is that manipulating reality is based off of perfecting a process of motion.

(5.) Gravity as of Surface Area or Gravity as of Volume...?

(6.) The Sun's Gravity, the Travel of the Planets, the Inception of the Universe, the Inner core of the Sun, Concentration of the ONE Light, and Heterogeneous Conglomeration of Motions.

(7.) "Kundalini" or Invisible Gravity and its Useful Applications Explaining  the 'Sexual', ONE LIGHT, and "Shadow" Energies.

(8.) Nikola Tesla's 'Aether' of the Universe.

(9.) Gravity and its application to or with Time and Distance.

(10.) Gravity as applied to Society or Human Behavior.

(11.) Memory and Gravity.

(12.) Conclusion.

XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
XJ Corps

Chicago, IL


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