Sunday, February 26, 2017

XJ Corps Helium Deck / Working Studio

Dear Trump Administration,

This is John Edward Randall again.

I would like to explain my design plans for an innovative helium Deck (German for, "ceiling") that is copyrighted by myself, and will need some funding to cast it afloat, so to speak.

Here are the specifications:

0.) The deck functions as an outpost and studio much like an undercover surveillance van ('the white one around the corner').

1.) The walls of the studio part of the deck may be transparent and could have a mirror surface on the outside (referred to as a, " two way mirror").

2.) A worker can see through the floor of the deck. The deck may exist at least 20 to 40 feet above the ground. A camera 'hollow' in the floor will hold a 360 degree camera; with a door latch, it may be taken out as if it were in a safe.

3.) The deck will be capable of holding at least 400 lbs to 1200 lbs with a floor area starting at 18 feet by 6 feet.

4.) If the deck exists in a rural area, it may act as an observational studio for nature or the natural habitat of wildlife animals. If the deck exists near an urban area, then it may act as a tourist attraction.

5.) Miniature cameras will be placed around the deck, acting as facilitators to capture, record, or interact with the movement underneath it.

6.) Additional technologies may be employed, such as a speaker system, a holographic light display, a 'touch screen' interface, or other XJ Corps realization.

7.) Initially, the deck does not have anything holding it up except for helium. The cost of helium is around or more or less than $0.35 USD per cubic foot. The volume of the helium container may exceed 3200 cubic feet per worker allowed on the deck at one time. The helium container starts at about 29 feet long by 15 feet wide by 15 feet tall. Assuming these are the starting dimensions, an estimated $2,283.75 USD should be initially yielded. This volume of helium would hold 407 lbs, or one worker and his utilities.

I think you will agree that it is innovations like this, from American small businesses and entrepreneurs that motivate America to be great... AGAIN.

Consequently, my proprietorship will have its legacy in US history.

Thank you for listening!

Photo courtesy of John Randall.

XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
CEO, XJ Corps


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Thousands of Notes

The following section discloses

The Technique to the Dream Machine, AKA XJ Corps DREAM
Copyright 2017 John Edward Randall's

Previously, in a note to the President, I had detailed a solution to manipulate a person's FEELINGS. In this note, I give the recipe for viewing a 3D environment via viewing device and interacting with it such like a dream, or in my "World's Fair" exhibit or Telepathy X such as used in my article, 'Spontaneously Bio-Generated Storyline or Video Game (Seed) From User's Biometric Data' (paraphrase).

0.) What would it be to live in a world of fantasy? How much would one pay to talk to an emulation of a person in a fantasy reality? If my solution is invested in, it could mean bettering the experiences of many enthusiasts, and not just on a 'flat level'.

1.) In other news, XJ Corps had promised to bring a cloning machine within ten years. The feat in this article is similar, bringing conversations with an intelligent entity that is highly realistic over a viewing device, within ten years. The ALLSOME thing about it, is that it does not build characters from traditional 3D Modeling Softwares but from the vibration of recorded and calculated mundane materials.

2.) Upon that revelation, using a simple setup void of telepathy could still yield miraculous-like results. Voice Recognition and Eye tracking leaves the hands free, while more complex video games or interactive displays may utilize Telepathy X.

3.) Seemingly, a daunting task awaits the creator of the machine, if the source material would not come from the user himself.

Does that make sense...?

XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
CEO, XJ Corps


Are We In Bosnia?

This is John Edward Randall again.

Where have the standards gone? The question is not where but HOW they were lowered in the first place.

In recent times, everything I see, in technology, behavior, and elsewhere is a reflection of poor leadership. I can fairly say, I can do better.

I have attached a rough draft, so to speak, but because of limited resources in a war-like environment, I submitted these to your email for security reasons.

There are spelling errors and that is less than acceptable for a hypothetical final presentation. And that is what it is at this point. I am so poor, I can't even send the final to you by physical mail, and that itself is not a wise decision considering my mail may have been tampered with already.

Don't you know how a scam artist works? I will tell you again, I am suffering from a terrorist entity who acts as a sociopath. The remedy to that situation is to fund my talents. How unreasonable is that, when I told you my talents are already paying other person's bills without my consent?

Enraged is an understatement. How am I banned from a public library when I haven't committed a crime? That is not supposed to be allowed. What is the Police Department going to do if I enter public property, shoot me in the head? It is offensive that I am a candidate for office and I don't have adequate access to public resources or I am being threatened from using public resources.

Mr. Trump, I told you in this email, and I will tell you to your face: there is no slavery. I think you will agree.

I wanted to act like a "Whip". Have a good day.

There are thirteen pages and a 'humorous laugh.'

XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
CEO, XJ Corps


Walt Disney Meets XJ Randall

Excuse my errors. Here is the final draft:

"I know a funny little man, as quiet as a mouse, who does what he is doing, in everybody's house." -?

This is John Edward Randall again.

Recently, I became aware of the diffusion of my childhood into its manifestation of the present. After a silence, a hiatus, it seems like the hidden foundation slipped back into my frontal vision: and I had wondered why my adoptive mom took me to two Disney parks, twice each.

Disney ain't so bad after all, I thought. After all, it is modeled just like me, and its creator and myself are both ones and both nice guys, however Freudian we both may be.

In this context, good things too, can be a long and unexpected surprise, or memory. But let's get into the reality of the session. 

Geeze, I think I just nuked Iraq with that last statement. Although I don't think they appreciate anything about Disney Land.

In this letter, I would like to disclose a version of my technology that may be used for terrorism or is being used against myself. It does use a sort of 'animated film technique', similar to the fascinating technology of the time from Walt Disney.

Here are the points at hand:

0.) Stop motion is basically a technique that captures photos at specific times or frames and broadcasts a conglomerate of them together, through a time sequence, to emanate an expected vibration. This is similar to a flip book from the 1990's.

1.) Biologically speaking, according to some sources, the energy from a Human's body can be systematically detected based on the tool used to detect it.

2.) Using stop motion, or the mentioned animation technique, it is possible to record the status of a person's energy levels according to his FEELINGS and play them back to the body at the similar rate of recording.

3.) In scientific theory, a larger or more potent wave cancels out a smaller or less potent wave. This means that 'force-charging' (brute force) a recorded wave of FEELING to a person would force that person to FEEL the initial effects of it. This can be done by a continuous loop of the energy into the body, or a definite energy spurt that would be a more powerful amplitude or an augmented wave. The body is naturally susceptive to extraneous forces, however if they are repeated, the external force overrides the natural inclination.

4.) This does not make sense unless there is a way to create a synthetic FEELING from the data that is recorded. Thanks to Nikola Tesla, or other scientist, it may only be up to an elementary understanding of electromagnetic vibration and radiation in the air.

5.) With ample understanding of the things of reality, we are verily able to manipulate others, or to terrorize people at will: and with our instruments of CRAFT, it is also possible to become omniscient, based on the FEELING we wish to evoke, or concoct for that matter.

6.) Suffice to say, in the future, the synthetic FEELING may be a commodity of the times, an item or token of a crux of opportunity. I detailed this on my blog years ago; FEELINGS could be like synthetic sounds and how we discover or realize new ways of living will depend on the 'total animation', or the way it is broadcast. Splicing different FEELINGS together leads to different vibrations.

7.) The "God Frequency" is the FEELING of omniscience that may be facilitated without anything but a Helmut pumping waves into the skull. In reverse fashion, adverse FEELINGS may be the subject of interest (recording) for anyone in a field of torture.


XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
CEO, XJ Corps


Friday, February 24, 2017

High Hopes, With "Full Circle"

"Dear Mr. Trump and Trump Administration,

This is John Edward Randall again, a novel American citizen.

Please Sir, if you may send me a check for $100,000.00 USD, it would help quell opposition to my 'immortalism' technology, sponsored by my 'innovations' sole proprietorship, that is XJ Corps.

Please Sir, be optimistic about helping myself! I am not a criminal nor an enemy of the state. In fact, I seek to make America (USA) a better political and ideological institution.

Have a good day!

-John Randall"

XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
CEO, XJ Corps


Thursday, February 16, 2017

TITLE: The Advent of the Air Metropolis: XJ Corps Helstrum.
SUB-TITLE: ("Air Ship", "XJ DECK", "THE DECK", etc.).
COPYRIGHT HOLDER: John Edward Randall, XJ Corps.
COST FOR EXPANSION: $500,000.00.
DATE / TIME: Thursday 16th February 2017 - 21:15 ET.
LOCATION: 814 N 14th Street, #113, Lafayette, IN, 47904.





XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
XJ Corps


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What have you Encountered?

Hello Todd Rokita,

This is John Randall again.

I would like for you to read a sample of my 'enabling' prose, contained in an online blogpost. This should give you an idea of what I have encountered over 5 years time, EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.

"Information is subject to change, however may be an exact representation of factual evidence."

I think it is interesting to tell the truth and be humorous at the same time. View more at the online URL:

Have a good day...!

-John Edward Randall

Monday, February 13, 2017

John Randall's 'Hollywood' Experience

Hello Todd Rokita,

This is John Randall again. I wanted to tell you about my unique, and horrible, Hollywood experience while traveling to the Western side of the United States.

In December of 2015 I landed myself off of a Greyhound Bus in Los Angeles, California. I found that the weather was pleasant. That winter, according to one source, was the coldest winter in LA in a time. Surprisingly, it was also the warmest. In Indiana, some people call the shifts in extremes, "INDIANA WEATHER".

Do you find this behavior interesting...? I wanted to tell you that it is characteristic of my reality since I noticed that I was being plagued by persons or attitudes against my Holy Spirit.

In LA, it was a good time and a horrible time, respectively speaking. On the one hand, I was homeless and seeking shelter while exhibiting symptoms of being poisoned. I was being watched in my sleep and somehow my American Eagle clothing was taken off of my body in my sleep. I guess looking sharp is not wise in the section called "Skid Row", Los Angeles. I felt like sleep deprivation was the cause of adverse physical symptoms, that should not be proudly spoken aloud by anyone, if you get what I mean.

On the other hand, the warm weather procured a more youthful outset. I was grateful for some things, and one of them was not feeling too cold to survive. I have to say, the hospitality in LA was better than in Lafayette, and I could travel fairly easily, using the subway, and exert my complaints without unreasonable actions by the LA Police.

I wanted to tell you that it really bothers me that I came back to Lafayette after my visit to Hollywood, and I continue to think about how my physical form has altered, especially in my nose. I should not have been drugged by any needle if I was homeless because homeless people should be able to use self defense regularly. After already having survived a shot-gun wound to the left side of my chest (similar to Frodo Baggins or the main protagonist from Princess Mononoke) I do not deserve to be disrespected or injected with poisons that are against my great attitude. I have vigor for life. I wanted to say that I don't think I will tolerate that extreme abuse from any 'FUNDAMENTALIST TERRORIST'.

Well, Todd Rokita, I wanted to tell you some things, and hopefully it has inspired you to believe in my actions to make America a better place, even through REASONABLE FORCE. I will be pursuing "stuff" that can help me do that. Needless to say, I am acting against a HIDDEN PERSONA impeding on my valuable and PATRIOTIC proprietary information.


-John Edward Randall

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Email to Rokita - February 12th 2017

Hello Todd Rokita,

This is John Randall again. Previously, you had sent me a letter as a receipt of our relations. I was located at 421 Asher Street in Lafayette. Much has changed since then, but I have not strayed from my original goal: that is to be as successful as I can be, so to speak.

I would like for you to help seek funds for my servitude into a 6,000 page Master Thesis, or one of the most valuable and quality works from a single inventor in the history of the United States. I didn't lie in that last statement.

If you pay me $500.00 I can show you what I am capable of producing. The reason I need a 'deposit' before I create something is because I have already shown my potency in producing revenue without being compensated for my work. It is not wise to continue my WORLD CHANGING work without an investor.

I advise that you do not listen to anyone who states that my future is outside of my control and anyone who has a pessimistic attitude towards my work.

Make no mistake, I am a 'BLACK AND WHITE' character. I think it would benefit many people in a great way if the work continues. If I am paid for my work, it will. I think people will agree.

Basically, I said on the phone to the Vatican, in a voice message, that it is not reasonable for an opportunity like this to be ignored when it literally makes millions of dollars without my consent. My work is not benefiting people enough if I don't get paid to make it professional, and if it doesn't reach enough people.

* Additional FEELINGS apply. (Humor)

-John Edward Randall