Saturday, February 25, 2017

Thousands of Notes

The following section discloses

The Technique to the Dream Machine, AKA XJ Corps DREAM
Copyright 2017 John Edward Randall's

Previously, in a note to the President, I had detailed a solution to manipulate a person's FEELINGS. In this note, I give the recipe for viewing a 3D environment via viewing device and interacting with it such like a dream, or in my "World's Fair" exhibit or Telepathy X such as used in my article, 'Spontaneously Bio-Generated Storyline or Video Game (Seed) From User's Biometric Data' (paraphrase).

0.) What would it be to live in a world of fantasy? How much would one pay to talk to an emulation of a person in a fantasy reality? If my solution is invested in, it could mean bettering the experiences of many enthusiasts, and not just on a 'flat level'.

1.) In other news, XJ Corps had promised to bring a cloning machine within ten years. The feat in this article is similar, bringing conversations with an intelligent entity that is highly realistic over a viewing device, within ten years. The ALLSOME thing about it, is that it does not build characters from traditional 3D Modeling Softwares but from the vibration of recorded and calculated mundane materials.

2.) Upon that revelation, using a simple setup void of telepathy could still yield miraculous-like results. Voice Recognition and Eye tracking leaves the hands free, while more complex video games or interactive displays may utilize Telepathy X.

3.) Seemingly, a daunting task awaits the creator of the machine, if the source material would not come from the user himself.

Does that make sense...?

XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
CEO, XJ Corps


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