Saturday, February 25, 2017

Are We In Bosnia?

This is John Edward Randall again.

Where have the standards gone? The question is not where but HOW they were lowered in the first place.

In recent times, everything I see, in technology, behavior, and elsewhere is a reflection of poor leadership. I can fairly say, I can do better.

I have attached a rough draft, so to speak, but because of limited resources in a war-like environment, I submitted these to your email for security reasons.

There are spelling errors and that is less than acceptable for a hypothetical final presentation. And that is what it is at this point. I am so poor, I can't even send the final to you by physical mail, and that itself is not a wise decision considering my mail may have been tampered with already.

Don't you know how a scam artist works? I will tell you again, I am suffering from a terrorist entity who acts as a sociopath. The remedy to that situation is to fund my talents. How unreasonable is that, when I told you my talents are already paying other person's bills without my consent?

Enraged is an understatement. How am I banned from a public library when I haven't committed a crime? That is not supposed to be allowed. What is the Police Department going to do if I enter public property, shoot me in the head? It is offensive that I am a candidate for office and I don't have adequate access to public resources or I am being threatened from using public resources.

Mr. Trump, I told you in this email, and I will tell you to your face: there is no slavery. I think you will agree.

I wanted to act like a "Whip". Have a good day.

There are thirteen pages and a 'humorous laugh.'

XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
CEO, XJ Corps


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