Monday, February 13, 2017

John Randall's 'Hollywood' Experience

Hello Todd Rokita,

This is John Randall again. I wanted to tell you about my unique, and horrible, Hollywood experience while traveling to the Western side of the United States.

In December of 2015 I landed myself off of a Greyhound Bus in Los Angeles, California. I found that the weather was pleasant. That winter, according to one source, was the coldest winter in LA in a time. Surprisingly, it was also the warmest. In Indiana, some people call the shifts in extremes, "INDIANA WEATHER".

Do you find this behavior interesting...? I wanted to tell you that it is characteristic of my reality since I noticed that I was being plagued by persons or attitudes against my Holy Spirit.

In LA, it was a good time and a horrible time, respectively speaking. On the one hand, I was homeless and seeking shelter while exhibiting symptoms of being poisoned. I was being watched in my sleep and somehow my American Eagle clothing was taken off of my body in my sleep. I guess looking sharp is not wise in the section called "Skid Row", Los Angeles. I felt like sleep deprivation was the cause of adverse physical symptoms, that should not be proudly spoken aloud by anyone, if you get what I mean.

On the other hand, the warm weather procured a more youthful outset. I was grateful for some things, and one of them was not feeling too cold to survive. I have to say, the hospitality in LA was better than in Lafayette, and I could travel fairly easily, using the subway, and exert my complaints without unreasonable actions by the LA Police.

I wanted to tell you that it really bothers me that I came back to Lafayette after my visit to Hollywood, and I continue to think about how my physical form has altered, especially in my nose. I should not have been drugged by any needle if I was homeless because homeless people should be able to use self defense regularly. After already having survived a shot-gun wound to the left side of my chest (similar to Frodo Baggins or the main protagonist from Princess Mononoke) I do not deserve to be disrespected or injected with poisons that are against my great attitude. I have vigor for life. I wanted to say that I don't think I will tolerate that extreme abuse from any 'FUNDAMENTALIST TERRORIST'.

Well, Todd Rokita, I wanted to tell you some things, and hopefully it has inspired you to believe in my actions to make America a better place, even through REASONABLE FORCE. I will be pursuing "stuff" that can help me do that. Needless to say, I am acting against a HIDDEN PERSONA impeding on my valuable and PATRIOTIC proprietary information.


-John Edward Randall

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