Sunday, February 12, 2017

Email to Rokita - February 12th 2017

Hello Todd Rokita,

This is John Randall again. Previously, you had sent me a letter as a receipt of our relations. I was located at 421 Asher Street in Lafayette. Much has changed since then, but I have not strayed from my original goal: that is to be as successful as I can be, so to speak.

I would like for you to help seek funds for my servitude into a 6,000 page Master Thesis, or one of the most valuable and quality works from a single inventor in the history of the United States. I didn't lie in that last statement.

If you pay me $500.00 I can show you what I am capable of producing. The reason I need a 'deposit' before I create something is because I have already shown my potency in producing revenue without being compensated for my work. It is not wise to continue my WORLD CHANGING work without an investor.

I advise that you do not listen to anyone who states that my future is outside of my control and anyone who has a pessimistic attitude towards my work.

Make no mistake, I am a 'BLACK AND WHITE' character. I think it would benefit many people in a great way if the work continues. If I am paid for my work, it will. I think people will agree.

Basically, I said on the phone to the Vatican, in a voice message, that it is not reasonable for an opportunity like this to be ignored when it literally makes millions of dollars without my consent. My work is not benefiting people enough if I don't get paid to make it professional, and if it doesn't reach enough people.

* Additional FEELINGS apply. (Humor)

-John Edward Randall

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