Saturday, February 25, 2017

Walt Disney Meets XJ Randall

Excuse my errors. Here is the final draft:

"I know a funny little man, as quiet as a mouse, who does what he is doing, in everybody's house." -?

This is John Edward Randall again.

Recently, I became aware of the diffusion of my childhood into its manifestation of the present. After a silence, a hiatus, it seems like the hidden foundation slipped back into my frontal vision: and I had wondered why my adoptive mom took me to two Disney parks, twice each.

Disney ain't so bad after all, I thought. After all, it is modeled just like me, and its creator and myself are both ones and both nice guys, however Freudian we both may be.

In this context, good things too, can be a long and unexpected surprise, or memory. But let's get into the reality of the session. 

Geeze, I think I just nuked Iraq with that last statement. Although I don't think they appreciate anything about Disney Land.

In this letter, I would like to disclose a version of my technology that may be used for terrorism or is being used against myself. It does use a sort of 'animated film technique', similar to the fascinating technology of the time from Walt Disney.

Here are the points at hand:

0.) Stop motion is basically a technique that captures photos at specific times or frames and broadcasts a conglomerate of them together, through a time sequence, to emanate an expected vibration. This is similar to a flip book from the 1990's.

1.) Biologically speaking, according to some sources, the energy from a Human's body can be systematically detected based on the tool used to detect it.

2.) Using stop motion, or the mentioned animation technique, it is possible to record the status of a person's energy levels according to his FEELINGS and play them back to the body at the similar rate of recording.

3.) In scientific theory, a larger or more potent wave cancels out a smaller or less potent wave. This means that 'force-charging' (brute force) a recorded wave of FEELING to a person would force that person to FEEL the initial effects of it. This can be done by a continuous loop of the energy into the body, or a definite energy spurt that would be a more powerful amplitude or an augmented wave. The body is naturally susceptive to extraneous forces, however if they are repeated, the external force overrides the natural inclination.

4.) This does not make sense unless there is a way to create a synthetic FEELING from the data that is recorded. Thanks to Nikola Tesla, or other scientist, it may only be up to an elementary understanding of electromagnetic vibration and radiation in the air.

5.) With ample understanding of the things of reality, we are verily able to manipulate others, or to terrorize people at will: and with our instruments of CRAFT, it is also possible to become omniscient, based on the FEELING we wish to evoke, or concoct for that matter.

6.) Suffice to say, in the future, the synthetic FEELING may be a commodity of the times, an item or token of a crux of opportunity. I detailed this on my blog years ago; FEELINGS could be like synthetic sounds and how we discover or realize new ways of living will depend on the 'total animation', or the way it is broadcast. Splicing different FEELINGS together leads to different vibrations.

7.) The "God Frequency" is the FEELING of omniscience that may be facilitated without anything but a Helmut pumping waves into the skull. In reverse fashion, adverse FEELINGS may be the subject of interest (recording) for anyone in a field of torture.


XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
CEO, XJ Corps


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