Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Never-Game: Sovereign Doctrine, Technology - Acknowledgement of Our Feats and Foes, and The Future of The New World Order by XJ Randall © 2016 XJ Corps

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Below are the notes that I accumulated last night or within the past week. I don't really like the way it is setup: the prose is too 'emotional' and less dramatic. It needs to be sharp and punctual. A more feminine presentation or delivery will wane potential support. A 'war' proposal should be more masculine than what I have.
For now these are just notes. They are copyrighted. Enjoy reading them for inspiration.
This post is part of a future patent regarding, "XJ Randall's Modus Operandi".
Get ready for stupendous news that will change the common knowledge of 'perception' as we know it. An ire starts with inspiration. YOU KNOW.
"Never-game", define: A game that is not statistically possible due to it never happening, in which case its occurrence would be an anomaly.
It is inferred that a classification of anomalies based on impact, or the diffusion and measure of force via time, would ensue. This means that some of these occurances are less eventful than others.
In our case, concerning future America, an upheavel of heatheness activity and forceful checkmate will be at play. It is the establishment of the New World Order and its 'Sovereign Doctrine', the most immaculate doctrine in this realm, most certain to quell and subdue its dissidents.
It is the equivalent of, "The metaphysical atomic bomb". Please lookup the definition of, "stand down".
The Sovereign Doctrine; Cacophony meets the night: This is assuredly going to be the longest Halloween ever; A come back mountain. No pun.
Those who use language are bound to it. What you choose to use is what you choose to use you and can be used against you as well as for you.
Insanity and disability are not interchangeable. ...
There is a varied array of utensils at a person's disposal within the court room.  The phrase, "There are fifty shades of grey, but black isn't one of them" ...
Suppose a great genius is curious; like a babe, gazing in wonder with eyes superposed; an omnipresent humus, spectling on all his game.
* The phrase, 'As above, so below' applies. So, a fresh and blank slate will reveal to and impress upon the mind the beauty of youth in its most emotional state. We become conditioned to that disposition. Then we upgrade, so to speak. On every level of every echelon of knowledge or process of awareness, there is this hierarchy that is capable of being transcended. So it is not surprising to know that a magnificent or magical tool to a boy, is something of a toy to a man who has assimilated its mechanical function and knows its technology as an old thing. At the top of the world all danger is now conquered with the knowledge that the world was a thing to be conquered in the first place, moreover it is plastic in nature, similar to realizing that our childhood things, and problems with those things, our past habitual environments for professional restraint are playgrounds and play boards for an applicable solution that is easily attained.
The elevating knowledge we realize and possess is that this world is a stage, and after mastering it, anything is possible. If this is true, this revelation should fuel our joy in this transition, instead of draining it to the point of exit.
A stage is not warrant of its disaster, so to speak, even a trivial presentation carries its dangers according to who is involved or the motive involved, not applying perspectives.
Notes by XJ: I think this will lead or turn out to be maybe around a two hour dissertation... Obviously it is an address, formally speaking, or a presentation to parties involved including the white house. So it should be written eloquently. Immaculate is no more than my innate and current talent.
I should then use the word, "engagement" as if to peak or pluck the interests of my auditors, whom, as the situation at hand possesses, are demographied as investors and enemies, friends and foes, and some that are both.

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