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Quantum Broadcasting: Materialization and Manipulation of Reality (Matter) © 2016 XJ Corps

I, John: Master
Quantum Broadcasting: Materialization and Manipulation of Reality (Matter)
© 2016 XJ Corps, John Edward Randall (Hall), XJ Randall
Tuesday 2nd February 2016
08:52 PST

In the following note(s), I briefly and swiftly document my daily activities, and/or those pertaining to my ‘Master Thesis’ (The Master Idea). The limit per post is ‘one page’. As always, I am accurate about what I explain to my investors. Look for my technology in the future. -XJ

0.)      Previously, within the past week, I disclosed information about my technological feats. This information detailed certain products included in my posts on

1.)      I explain a certain relatively esoteric process called, “Quantum Broadcasting”. Here is the process as follows:

a.)      We know through theory (or experimentation) that time travel exists, even in short increments. It has been observed that applying a ‘frequency’ or electromagnetic ‘wave’ (light) to a recording device augments its velocity or speed.

b.)      Periodic Table of Dimensions: What is a dimension…? "A dimension is a mode categorized or classified by the characteristics, properties, or data describing the electrons or energy within it." Theory tells us that pushing electrons into a substance or conglomeration of matter makes it move faster, whereas pulling electrons (as if by array) removes the life-force from the ‘animation’.

c.)      In my own interpretation, Quantum Mechanics / Physics elaborates on the possibility of changing events in the physical reality via its ‘id’ (Freud), or ‘idea’ (Master Idea) that would act as a subconscious of the material realm (or blueprint). My thesis concerning the Master Idea basically points out that there is a constant knowledge that can be tapped into to reveal information or data that can be manipulated.

d.)      The electron, proton, and neutron may be useful to be translated as a ‘trinary’ code; we could implement it in computer applications to realize materialization, or basically a modern form of alchemy, useful for many purposes. A certain combination of the code may allow us to create ‘vibrations’: we know this is important in the process because the value of PERCEPTION is dependent upon the ‘vibration’ of what is being perceived.

e.)      We figured that different media/medium can be used to tele-communicate data, energy, or light via each other. Combining the previous elements and based on what is current, we assume the possibility to broadcast ‘vibration’ (or equivalent) (quantum perception) into the media/medium or recordings.

f.)       Gravity, or its equivalent(s), allows us to predict the future of an intelligent body moving from one point to the next and also to accurately manipulate its path through time.

g.)      Finally, putting all of this together, we realize that it IS possible to affect the outcome of a node translating through time or space by changing its path, or otherwise timeline, using the mentioned techniques in unison:

a.        The 3D, or multi-dimensional, recording device records data (3D does not simply pertain to visual data).
b.        We can manipulate the flow or reception of data via time (time travel/teleportation).
c.        Using a trinary algorithm and a pusher program, we insert a quantum perception/vibration into the recording.
d.        The intelligent target within the recording is subject to the ‘new’ quantum broadcast.
e.        The original recording without the inserted ‘vibration’ and the new recording can be compared, allowing an audience to observe or analyze the modified outcome.
f.         This technique is used to manipulate the ‘social-schema’ already inherent; We program the fulfilling of an exact scenario; a “brute force” operation. Such similar operations have already occurred in the history of the United States, even if by mechanical, or sociological, allegory, parody, or simulation. A ‘helper program’ may be used to automate such attempts; we similarize this to a playlist from a radio station that is driven by a programmed mechanical robot (robotic ‘hand’ changing the tapes in the queue).

2.)      In summary, this select concentration of technologies allows us to bridge the gap and surpass some current notions of ‘possibility’. So, it would seem, after the real production and use of ‘Quantum Broadcasting’, the miraculous becomes manifest.

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