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Inhumane Treatment via the Psychiatric Industry - Arguments by John Edward Randall

Inhumane Treatment via the Psychiatric Industry
Arguments by John Edward Randall
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Sunday 16th June 2016
20:16 EST

Please keep a copy of my influential political prose (this email) for future reference. Remember, I am a poet. Take my words into consideration. -XJ


"If the cure to The Poison is The Poison itself, The Poison is the root of death, even unto itself."

What logic is sane enough to bring about its own dismissal...? The point is the end of itself; why should it be brought to existence in the first place...? And if it is a learning factor, gentlemen, let us bring about the solidification and confinement [when the body goes stiff], and perhaps censorship, of a grim lesson in the annals of medicine.

"This is a poison so terrorizing, that most people commit suicide when inoculated for long (or relatively short) periods of time." "The poison is the psychiatric industry..."

When is the line drawn between suicide and homicide in a case where the lawful and forced inoculation causes the suicide...? It seems like lawful homicide, or lawful suicide, for that matter.

Do they take away your livelihood...? Do they treat you like livestock...? If you are treated like cattle, "Inhumane" is the word. Now I wonder if PETA would get involved...

Survival and independence (self autonomy) is an important part of being part of society (social contract). Did "they" inject you with something that would prevent you from being HUMAN, from being independent, from making an income, or was it the opposite...? Did the injection help you make money, or the opposite...? Did it help you survive, or the opposite...? The fact of the matter is that "medications" do not help one be independent but more-so DEPENDENT on a scam to make an entity more wealthy than you. How much revenue has the maker of your poison accumulated compared to your success in academics, the job field, your career and your success in life in general...? If you cannot be independent of medication, the "medication" is not the cure. Plain and simple...!

Your success while taking the poison may be less than your success being independent of it. "They" are more successful while you are less successful than while you are more successful. By logic, the trade-off basically ain't reciprocal.


It's weird how MONSTER, 5 HOUR ENERGY, KICKSTARTER, and other energy drinks help me to make an income, whereas HARDLY ANY 'POISONS' OFFERED BY THE PSYCHIATRIC INDUSTRY CAN DO THE SAME THING. I meant the opposite...! IT ISN'T weird at all...! You can buy MONSTER in a store, no over the counter mess-ups, whereas POISONS ARE REGULATED BY A SCAM ARTIST INDUSTRY THAT FORCE PEOPLE TO BE INOCULATED WITH THEM. One tastes good and boosts your immune system, the other does the opposite. Well, why would any reasonable person take something that makes them LESS HEALTHY by choice...?

"They" found out that NO REASONABLE PERSON would take poison that makes him LESS SUCCESSFUL. So "their" cure to the situation is to force poisons via inhumane inoculation MONTHLY. Are we JEWS OF THE HOLOCAUST...? Who deserves such UNCHRISTIAN treatment...? NOT EVEN THEY. Furthermore, I can't believe "they" confused ADD with FULL BLOWN Schizophrenia... It doesn't even matter if it is full blown or not. It ISN'T. Now let me present my amusing and enlightening argument to the JUDGE. I'm sure even SATAN would agree with my stance. LOGOS is the word.

One more question: If we know this is unjust and inhumane, why is it allowed to continue...?

Don't quit your day jobs, unless you work for the psychiatric industry. I'll be here until I leave. Thanks for listening...! I don't mean the opposite.


XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
XJ Corps


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