Thursday, June 30, 2016

An Alchemy of Opportunity

An Alchemy of Opportunity
Letter to Investors
Copyright © 2016 XJ Corps, John Edward Hall (XJ Randall)
Thursday 30th June 2016 AD
14:29 EST

Life is one of the oldest professions incorporating an emotional compensation, currency, or revenue to secure its social function and establishment. An acquired aptitude or genius of intellect, and one who does not remember his origins, observes the mechanism through which he is fortunate and fathered. His difficulties are like disciplines and consequences are executed and spawned from the one's animation within the sovereign domain, or otherwise known as an omnipotent and present entity, that is God.

The phrase, "As above, so below" applies. With a fresh and blank slate it is revealed to and impressed upon the mind vivid and spiritual memories of youth. We become conditioned to that disposition. We upgrade. On every level of every echelon of knowledge or process of awareness there is this hierarchy that is capable of being transcended. So, it is not surprising to know that a magnificent or esoteric tool to a boy is something of a toy to a man who has assimilated its mechanical function and knows its technology as an old thing.

At the top of the world all danger is now conquered with the insight that the world was a thing to be conquered in the first place; moreover it is plastic in nature, similar to realizing that our junior devices, and the problems with them, our past habitual environments for professional restraint, are playgrounds and play boards for an applicable solution that is easily attained.

The elevating knowledge we realize and possess is that this world is a 'stage', and after mastering it anything is possible. If this is true, this revelation should fuel our joy in this transition, instead of draining it to the point of exit.

My joy is bought about by this pursuit, and the technology that I verbally profess to be capable of generating is not without warrant of the gambits that counter its fruition. During these setbacks, I am adamant to remain professional with entities against my impulse whom exhibit behaviors that are malicious and immoral.

My point is point blank: because of the faith in myself and the sovereign domain (mechanism), I have the keys to know its modus operandi and to utilize it. However, I might need help quelling opposition and those whom wish for me to not reveal such exposés; For a paragon, this is NOT UNREALISTIC TO STATE.

I advise of the acquired adversity with the contract of my aid. I imply and guarantee that any relevant financial funding would be greatly appreciated and reciprocated.


XJ Randall
John Edward Hall
XJ Corps

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