Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Stupid Note: The First...?

If you can read to the middle, you have been tortured. To ignore adverse terrorism, skip to the url and thereafter.

To who(m) it may concern:

Here is the status of the revolution...! (DAS...!)(I am IT.)(Reference)

I am here to tell you my future and my past as well...! Oh how lucky for me. Too bad luck doesn't exist in some people's realities.

Now, to the matter at hand. ACTUNG...!
Mine fuhrer has a mirror... Do not laugh too hard.

The reason why YOU hate ME is because I AM better than YOU.

If you would like, there is an inspirational article at uncyclopedia entitled, "The President Antichrist" or vice versa.

Obviously, it is inspirational to myself, because that is WHO it is talking about (or should I say WHOM). BE NOT WARY, the time is now (or sooon). Let us realize this together, or by myself (Juan Solo). The facts are misleading to those not in the know(s).


In other news, Trump has been elected President by the electoral college. What a magnificent outcome, and only to realize, those without restraint, the leaders are set in place, like a spring trap, by God and his allegiance. What league of extra-ordinary gentlemen(man) is this...? Need not, YOU or others, be astute in their measures, though those whom are blessed by God may partake in that revelry.

There is no graphic on this, LION.


Your Man
John Edward Randall


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