Saturday, December 10, 2016

Interesting to Note

"...Then I wondered why I couldn't see myself when I go back in time...? They told me they wipe the stage of a previous version of myself. Then I wondered why those around me, whom, reasonably, should have remembered my previous actions, did NOT REMEMBER after I had traveled to an alternate dimension with the same parameters. How is it that no one else remembers what had occurred...? And the answer was thus: It is because the memory exists within YOU, NOT in other consciousnesses, necessarily. You see, a while ago, I realized that this stage is a memory, and it has been disclosed to myself, that the creator is allowing his creations, God is using this memory as a testing ground and allowing consciousnesses, or COLLECTIONS OF SPIRITS, to exist and procure inside of the stage. So you see, it is one thing to enjoy life: we have the responsibility to make of it what we want. In some people's 'memories' or realities, it is possible to utilize the shell around them. It is not only your body that you have control over, but in TIME TRAVEL one can also change the memories of other consciousnesses around them, so to speak, or should I say other EMULATIONS of consciousnesses. The STAGE we speak of is the 'SHELL' or SPHERE OF INFLUENCE one consciousness may control. I said before that a consciousness has a density or a WEIGHT and PULL (like Gravity). All stems from THE MASTER IDEA. I realized IT cerca 2009 (or it found me) and since then it has been devolving its mechanism to me to the day. ..."

John Edward Randall
Saturday 10th December 2016 AD - 14:16

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