Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lionel, R have the power...!: Wheel of Fortune

The story is FAKE. I meant the opposite.

After becoming hazed with adverse physical assault, R-Leader of the new order exploded in virulence, expressing a disdain for his long lost relative writing his initials on his perfect piece of work. R-Wise and honorable leader, of course making the RIGHT decision, chose to honor his sibling's juvenile actions with a counter of maturity.


"I'll have you know that this relative of MINE, this RELATIVE, who hath thus offended MINE-SELF, I will HONOR him by putting his initials on the FRONT of EVERY SINGLE ADVERTISEMENT OR PACKAGE that is related to the cause of my FURY...!"

On command, the FAIRIES of the NEW WORLD ORDER diligently eternalized the command, and one may see this revelation, the letters "L", "I", "O", "N" (or equivalent) even on a bag of potato chips. Interesting.

On a further note, R-Master proceeded to create a program that may also do the same. What do you think, I'm LION about it...? I was there when he said it...


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