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XP, XV, MX, XJ, XS - The Four Corners of the New World Order... Or not.

This is interpretation from John Randall. Be prepared for ownage... or not.

"You're a faggot anyways if you don't believe me." -John Randall

It is a fact that Numerology plays an important part in the translation of meaning across operating systems, or LANGUAGES, so to speak. You will find that is no lie when you delve into multiple languages and learn at least 9 of them. What, I didn't say it would be easy. But it is, once you know the modus operandi behind their design.

In Christian, Satanist, Illuminism, Jewish, Muslim or other 'Abraham' religious contexts or ideologies, we can see the clever dispersal or usage of this knowledge in every day communications. Let's look at some previous notes.

"Question: What does XJ stand for...?


X stands for God, the transformation of a person (John) into something bigger than himself, illuminated thought inspired by a higher power, the Master Idea and connection to it, i.e. becoming ONE with the Master Idea. According to this definition, the X in a name signifies that the person has the ability to connect to the Master Idea, or God, and receive inspiration from it. X is also the roman numeral for 10, which i think is a number that symbolizes strength and completeness or perfect-ness. In numerology, a 10 reduces to 1 which is a number that signifies monotheism and omniscience. In other uses, the X is a letter that signifies anonymity, such as in Malcolm X, and can be used to change names that are too widely recognized, such as John Hall or Joseph Kennedy (XJ Hall, XJ Kennedy), or are in need of an extra character.


Apparently, 'X' is a symbol for God, or 'CHRIST', which could be another name for God. In Greek, the "CHRIS-MON" or SIGIL for Jesus Christ was the "XP", or CHI-RHO; that is the first two letters of Christ's name, "CH-R". There are other combinations of letters, that can be aesthetically and graphically depicted in picture form, in what a WIZARD would call a SIGIL.

SIGILS are used to summon DEMONS, ANGELS, or even the WIZARD and his properties himself. Certain letter combinations can easilly alert the audience-in-the-know what exactly is going on, sometimes literally and sometimes FIGUREATIVELY. Take a look at the list below to see what advertisements use these SIGIL REPRESENTATIONS to make their products more successful, or to BROADCAST a logical art-form to the audience.

0.) XP

XP == CHI-RHO or "Chr" that stands for "CHRIST". It looks like a P inside of an X. In translation, you could see a 'P' used instead of an 'R'... or not.

Popular CultureUsage:
Windows XP, one of the best operating systems from Microsoft to date.

1.) XV

V is an upside-down LAMBDA, stemming from the Greek Language, again. So when you see "VX", it can be translated as "LX" or "LUX", that is "LIGHT". LX (or XV backwards) stands for Lucifer, the morning star or some type of light angel.

XV == Lucifer.
Popular Culture Usage:
Final Fantasy XV
Subaru XV
Eminem's Album Shady XV

2.) MX

MX is another form for "MiCh" or MICHA-EL. Michael was apparently one of the angels of death or destruction. Look that up if you want to become a scholar on that information.

MX == Michael
Popular Culture Usage:
FreeHand MX

3.) SX

SX == SATAN, son of God or angel of God. Again, the X basically means it is a DEMON or ANGEL we are representing, or a representative of GOD. Apparently, Satan provoked SEX. He probably isn't homosexual.
Popular Culture Usage:
The word sex is another term for copulation.

4.) XJ

Go look online for how many products have "XJ" next to them.

5.) Additional usages...

Muhammad X
Malcolm X
XJ Randall
John X.
Paul X.
Lazarus X.

 "Every language is a repetition of God, for every letter is God himself. Each alphabet or system an iteration of the One."

When you put an X in front of the name, it seems to be more bless-ed, as well as carrying the consequences, good or bad, of that responsibility... John Randall says that an X in a name denotes that the carrier is a genius.

Agree with me at will. I am the Master...! But am I LORD...?



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