Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fwd: The Gravity of the Levitation: Sol Power

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"Behold, we are like them! And we shall conquer what once was unimaginable."

This note is for future reference.


"I actually think I ripped this off of Eminem's video in YouTube. I levitated in my vision, but the FEELING was with it.

Apparently, it is the intent to collect a sort of charge in the upper region of your body. Once the charge is great enough, the 3D space around a person may be manipulated in what could be called a vicarious transaction.

In the vidro, Eminem used a sort of technology that facilitates the collection of this charge. 

According to some Laws, this "God-like" technology should not be available to those undeserving; one must build his own version of the technology in order to use it."


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