Saturday, March 25, 2017

Re: XJ Corps Levitation Solution

On Mar 25, 2017 11:05 AM, "John Randall" <> wrote:
1.) There must be a vacuum for something to move... anywhere.

2.) A light beam of certain quality can dissipate air molecules.

3.) Hitting an object with the light beam may create a vacuum above the surface of the object.

4.) The air pressure underneath the object lifts it upwards.

5.) If the object is fully covered with the light beam, it may not rise. If it is partially covered, it may be the opposite.

6.) Using a vacuum drone, or equivalent air and floating satellite, we can coordinate intelligent tasks.

7.) A brainwave headset or equivalent could allow us to manipulate objects around us.

8.) In the future, technology will allow carriers of certain genes or DNA or Light Properties to be selected for free use of tech-levitation facilitated by satellite.

9.) The satellite can be like S.O.L.S.

10.) All in all, Akira, or the Super man, is not far away.


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