Monday, June 5, 2017

John Randall's Informal "Animorphism" and The Perverse

"That's basically what it is. Not necessarily with the animal, but mostly with the animate."


Informal "Animorphism" and The Perverse
By John Edward Randall

Monday 8th May 2017 - 16:57 ET
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■   John:

"Animorphism", or equivalent terminology, is the belief that animal or foreign DNA can be incorporated into an entity's body. If a piece of clay can be animated, it would make sense that any material may be animated; what is left to determine is what faculty would allow us to do that, and in our science how we would yield the best results.

Being a 'Dr. Moreau' is out of the question. In this art, the properties are most attractive if they are 'multiplous' and if the operation is ‘CLEAN’. It is not obscene to incorporate foreign DNA: any biology or collection of properties is itself, regardless of the connotation of those properties. None-the-less, an animal is seemingly a DEMON incarnate. Only attractive or useful reasons to use such properties push the pursuit. Our perception of the unknown is directed by the forces of thought.


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