Monday, May 22, 2017


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Monday 22nd May 2017 - 22:04 ET
by John Randall


John Randall's projection printer does not use an ink cartridge. Instead, it projects a light image, preferably black and white, from a projector to a paper and 'emits' or 'lasers' the 'black' into the paper. The qualities of the laser change the paper from white to dark brown or black, leaving an image behind.

The advantage of this is that it does not send the paper through a reel, it goes faster than a regular digital printer, and the projector is mobile and can be placed over a paper of choosing.


"Put the printer (projector) over the blank piece of paper about five inches above the paper. Make sure the paper is on a flat setting. With the device (toy) choose a photo to project. Hover over the paper and center the "pre-print projection image" onto the paper. Click or push the 'run' button (or equivalent). The printer should have 'lasered' the image into the paper within seconds. It's like taking a snapshot. "

Figure 1., by John Randall.

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