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JOHN RANDALL'S NOTES: Sunday 19th March 2017 – 04:52 ET

JOHN RANDALL'S NOTES: Sunday 19th March 2017 – 04:52 ET
Copyright © 2017 John Edward Randall, XJ Corps
Monday 22nd May 2017 - 08:42 ET
by John Randall

0.) INTRO.

"God is not far away."

You gave me the answer, but I am oblivious to the question. Technically speaking, I have drafted some notes to make us aware of peripheral information. There should be an intelligent daemon or sol to feed us this information in the future, albeit we don't necessarily have to ask a question... at all.

What frequent repetition of such a banal operation would motivate one to survive eternally?

"I am an executioner. The art is lethal. It is not lethal for them, it is lethal for myself." (paraphrase)

Now put those words to rest.

1.) POETRY is NOT JUST speculation.

You know that this was made by a human. What is the origin of such a statement? We perspire to delve into the oblivious known. But it is not the obliviousness of others that controls many to interact in a network.

This 'multiplous' interacting interweaving neurotic entrapment is ALIVE; Heed the swarm of information. 'Proactiveness' will be ample in understanding it is not so much of a monster as much as a magnificent TOOL; It is a technical cataract that does not limit us. The simulation is a FAMILIAR; it takes on a character of its own and is the personification of oblivious.


From the beginning of the human, our creation allowed us to interpret the soul of the animation begotten in the sense; we have the choice to go with the flow or against it. And earth and the mechanism of the 'KRONAUT', is a mobile in flux.

There is an order. Some may argue that there is disorder. What is something that has never existed? This is dangerous too: We can know that there is something ever present; You don’t go against it, you go with it in various ways, or perhaps it never exists if it was never realized.

There is a quintessential language that is a solution to a motivation and it is BLACK AND WHITE: a 'biternal system'. We find that the motivator in the life of the network, “the animation”, is itself, instead of the smaller entities that make it up; humans interacting are only a part of it, and they too are just as component or equal as the many factors aligned with them. Just scaling our perception legitimizes, "gray".

You are either part of the animation, or you are the animation itself, or you are not part of the animation. Language is a contract. Once you use it you are bound to the consequences of its effect. But you can’t become something, until you partake into it.

FOR LATER: “If Greatness begets greatness, then it is a demon, and like all demons, once it is summoned, it possesses its summoner.”

The animation is alive and more importantly, it is a LIFE itself. All intricacies are related to the, “ebb and flow”, not against the animation, there is only going forward, and the consequences, the sensual exchange we may deem as awareness, are the result of our choices. Furthermore, the inevitable is a ‘traitor’ of emotional consonance. So now what? Let’s get to the paradigm of the ultimate paradigm.


A spirit is a way of behaving. Example: John is in good spirits today. Ultimately, it is only the way we put forth the energy that was intercepted, or emanated, and the way we handle or direct its future that determines where we move to next. If you say you have the spirit in you, or if you say you act in the spirit, it is the same thing. What you talk about has more of a significance if you are near what you talk about or if it can see you. When we behave, what we don't see still has a spirit (or force). This is significant for the purpose of:

1.) Being the animation itself.
2.) Manipulating the animation within itself.
3.) Becoming an animation within the animation.

Awareness of previous information controls the construction of a human and his mechanism. The mechanism is a many rooted mechanism, branching into the facets of the animation, although it is not sovereign, like the Neo-Network, the core of control, under the right circumstances, is inherent within the mechanism. Thus, we are a product of our environment, but if we are in direct contact with the right tools, our environment acts as a component of ourselves.


The significance lays in understanding that we are the sense of the animation. We are just as simple as the other senses of the animation; we perceive ourselves to be motivated separately. The familiar sees through its senses; humans are a sense like other ‘building blocks’; whatever free will is, controls the movement of the black and white blocks; the combination leads to the preservation of the sense, or its diminuendo into a smaller black or white compilation. The action has a consequence, although it is never disorder.


What is a program?: A recipe or code that when sensed forces a specific motion to occur.

The basis is the black and white, with the sense as the ‘third dimension’. What causes movement? Who is the person? The sense is the person. Thousands of senses are thousands of people. This should tell us something. I once said that if all we are is the senses in our body, then in order to become immortal, the only thing we need is the sense of awareness of the sense itself, instead of a another body. Immortality is then the preservation of sense at its base construct, removed from dependence from the body.

The Recipe speaks for itself. The weird thing about it, is it just tells us how its made. It tells me what to expect from my future as well, which is weird because it doesn’t tell me ITS future. The recipe tells me if I will like it or not, or whether it will taste bitter or not, but it doesn’t tell me its future making it seemingly oblivious but humorously omniscient. There are pots and pans but they don't change their shape, only the reflection of ourselves. However, I could have changed its shape with the right tool, or HAMMER... if so inclined.

Time is poison. You can have as many senses as possible. Now, the question is, how many senses CANNOT be yours?

“Somethings wrong here. These people are like memories: they don’t fucking get it.” (paraphrase)



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