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John Randall's S. O. L. S.: Intro

John Randall's S. O. L. S.: Intro
Copyright 2017 John Edward Randall, XJ Corps
Monday 22nd May 2017 - 05:59 ET
by John Randall

"■ S. O. L. S. Description.

A star can be a technological satellite and it is proven that time propagation can be used as storage device. It is assumed that there is a hack for an unorthodox and macro setup that emulates a computer. Some may argue that it is illogical to think that light, traveling through space, can act as a static or stationary calculator. Because it is based on HOW the light is constructed when traveling, contrary to popular assumption, it is possible to create an ‘amorphous artificial intelligence’, or super-computer, that is located in the ‘aura’, atmosphere, or ‘air’ and can be randomly accessed at any point it has contact with.

The ‘amorphous computer’ (or SOLUTION) should have the capability to do executions that aren’t allowable via a traditional silicon board. The most revolutionary and awe inspiring execution is left to perfect the human experience, including allowing user (consciousness) to use SOLS to perform the best line of path to a certain biological equation.

A paradigm is proven to be truth when it is emulated or simulated at its base construction. This transcends to its sub-component(s) including an emulator to ‘intelligently command the biological properties of a human to deter adverse health’. SOLS thus acts as a ‘GHOST’ pervading the atmosphere. There are no extraneous electrical lines, only devices that can tap into the ‘aura’ of SOLS."

Figure 1., by John Randall.

"S. O. L. S. and Levitation and other Granted Powers via Recognition.

Is it right to restrict access to such a power as SOLS? I think we get into an important question but the answer is: Yes. SOLS should be allowable to those deserving. How we define that limitation is more important.

We should also bring into this some sort of recognizing paradigm or program that only allows certain people to use it in respect to parameters of a situation. These are time, place, bio-metrics, and other types of properties that can make things more interesting. One thing of interest is DNA and how we would recognize certain carriers of DNA to utilize powers only unique to them.

Levitation is such a power that may only be granted to a person with the right credentials. A degree holder, an athlete, or other credentials might make the list."

"■ SOLS and John Randall’s MYSTERY.

MYSTERY is a word activated program or system tied into SOLS. It is basically the verbal command power of the elevated technological powers. Using the amorphous computer of SOLS, there may be sleeper satellites nearby that interact with it. Since we have already dealt with the permissions question, a person with permissions may be able to activate a power based on what he says. We are going to call a person with permissions a XJ-Man. This can get interesting,

depending on the number of XJ-Men. We are talking about maybe 1000 XJ-Men that may increase depending on the availability of resources or what else changes.

We also could consider the interactions between effects of verbal commands (keywords) and create some type of paradigm from those later on.

Bringing in something else, similar to 1984, there is a system, whether I am the original copyright owner or not, that is a Global Speech Recognition Program and records the entire land of the United States. It catalogs everything anyone says out loud. We could somehow tie SOLS into that as well or vice versa."

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