Saturday, May 13, 2017


By John Edward Randall
Saturday 13th May 2017 - 04:48 ET

"The Land is faked. Or seemingly so, it is not just a filament of our imagination. Anywhere you go, is just a copy of a copy of the original design. In combinations, we may yield any shape we desire, or place any place in any time we would like."

Have you ever played a video game where you can create the landscape dynamically? Well, in actuality, this is the real way anything or any new country could be setup, that is being a designed environment that was created dynamically and from a creator, not from a natural or chaotic beginning.

Using the tools of teleportation, we may copy any object into a space, including buildings, objects, laptops, and people so that the eccentric DICTATOR can formulate the country of his dreams. When you talk to someone in a building, it does not necessarily mean he is in the same land you are AWARE of.

The keyword is MEMORY. Somehow your memory makes the connection of distance because you were conditioned to believe that there is a distance in the first place. Such is the same for the person you talk to, in any setup. However, it IS possible to enter a building that is LIGHT CLONED from far away. You could be talking to anyone, or their emulation.

"The people in the building are real!"


If you don't remember or know something, it is because it never existed in the first place. Be wary! Learn as much as you can as early as you can, as advice. But those things that you do not know, once upon a time and upon a glance, may be fabricated on sight.

"If you never knew glory in the first place, there would be no place for it, nor would you even find it, unless under freak observation, or the gifting from a superior."


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