Monday, May 22, 2017


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Monday 22nd May 2017 - 03:52 ET
by John Randall

Since he was young, John Randall aspired to be the next rap-star! I meant the opposite. It was only while he was young. But old dreams don't die hard, at least in this case. Introducing John Randall's Rap Daemon, for your information.

Please be reminded of XJ Corps | User Contract, located online.

The full version may include these function(s):

1.) Renders out a full song and expert rap lyrics in a text file or HTML file.
2.) Creates a rap beat.
3.) Allows the user to manipulate parameters specific to the subject of the lyrics.
4.) Comes with 'test' mode: allows the user to test his abilities in real time.
5.) Uses speech recognition dynamically and prints the words into lyrics.
6.) Computes and rates the best lyrics or rap song and allows the user to compare.
7.) Uses 'poetic justice'.
8.) Comes with a hands-free mode: allows the user to control or command the GUI without using a keyboard or mouse.
9.) Allows the user to manually manipulate lyrics.

For more information, view the INTRO playlist here:

This playlist displays the beginning development for the final 'machine'.

To buy the final product, you may contact me with the information located in my current user contract, or address mail to:

John Edward Randall
XJ Corps
814 N 14th Street 113
Lafayette, IN 47904


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