Monday, May 15, 2017

John Randall - 10 Ideas of Interest

10 Ideas of Interest
Copyright 2017 John Edward Randall, XJ Corps
By John Randall
Tuesday 16th May 2017 - 02:33 ET

'10 Ideas of interest
By John Randall
0.) What you see may see you. What you see, you can see through. When you push against the ground, it pushes back. When you send, information it send s it back through the wall. Even though you can’t see through this dimension, you can see through another…
1.) This Conversation is between your future and now. Explain how information is dsseminted to control yourself. Is it done by agents, or only through yourself? What is believing?
2.) Holographic universe based oof of the sacred texts archive.
3.) Geographic displacement similar to FFTA: you can make any country based off of what ever is there. Please bring up, Quantum materialization.
4.) GAY = Good Always Yedi.
5.) Cards and Bingo and Pokemon and Video Games are for scouting the “Keanu Reeves of PSP”. Is this good or bad, for the ONE who is good at playing? A conspiracy to find the best.
6.) The shadow is in control of you or not. Is there one in control of you now? Is there a hidden part of yourself that trys to control you and you are unaware of him in another dimension? I think it Is a demon. Bring up scam fraud switching dimension, body taking over, clones, and blacklists. AUTONOMY
8.) Youtube and GMAPS for searching the entire plane at one time.
9.) Presidential Powers.
10.) Super speed.
11.) Explain light theory.
12.) John Randall builds his own space capturer (See XJ Corps 3D Light Camera and JR's Mirror Theory form the one light theory).
13.) Crystal viewing device and the neo network.'

John Edward Randall
814 N 14th Street 113
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