Monday, May 22, 2017

John Randall's Solution to Time Travel ("P22")

John Randall's Solution to Time Travel, Explained
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Monday 22nd May 2017 - 4:25 ET
by John Randall

In case you are not aware, your terrorism will be dealt with appropriately. In other news, here is some information that anyone may be remotely interested in, or not:

'Based on common and accepted scientific knowledge, light [or the equivalent] travels at a constant speed [299,792,458 m/s]. By determining the speed of light, [users] can also determine the time it takes to send light from the [origin] to the [final destination][(sender and receiver)]. This ... is also known as time propagation. Time propagation is used to create a [storage or buffer] delay [to facilitate the manipulation of] a past copy of light data.

Figure 1. by John Randall.

[In John Randall's ideology, the mirror acts as a] crux or collection of properties around it. Setting up a mirror satellite 1.1 [light] hours away from Earth [may allow for the collection of light data from a] past or future timeline at least 2.2 [light] hours away. [According to Randall's thesis, light is physical data counter and analogous to more simpler parts of its aspect: even a large mirage may be split via 'differentiation or refraction from a prism or double mirror'. Consequently, the copy of the origin is just as palpable as the origin and may be duplicated enough times to become an alternate timeline.]

[Theoretically (or equivalent),] by setting up a 360 degree encirclement of [satellite mirrors in the animation of the 'mobile' or] around the Sun, it should be possible to [reroute light data through] a never-ending loop of time travel [communications]. [This solution or] setup [is] used for any of these tasks; Teleportation; Exact and High Resolution Information Exchange and Manipulation; Reconnaissance for Precognition. With ACTUAL LIGHT DATA [(what you see is what you get and consequence)], anything ... [view-able may be] ... physically manipulated through thousands of years of existence.'

"And we may now know that we aren't alone, and we never were..."

Please see, "LOTR: The Return of the King - Lighting of the Beacons".

"Make sure not to fuck with me next time."

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