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John Randall's The Pursuit of Obedience: NOTES

JR - The Pursuit of Obedience: NOTES
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Monday 22nd May 2017 - 06:11 ET


Brainstorm – Our homework assignment today is to contemplate the root to the assimilation of obedience. Who do we obey? Is it ourselves, or an external entity…? When you walk into a room you have cleaned or into someone else’s, do you think it is the person being obedient to himself, is the room obedient to the man, the environment obedient to the man, or the man obedient to yourself, or etc. …?

There are a bunch of different factors that could play into the ultimate summation of the presentation. Apparently this is what obedience is, it is only a presentation.

“I like how you look.” Who cares how you look, unless it has application?

Why should one be obedient unless there is application? The father is the bringer of the catalyst and consequence. Whether his laws are honored or not, and whether his laws are sane or insane. The question is, are you a father of yourself? (Or a copy of your father?)


1.) A presentation.

2.) A shadow? A shadow of what?

3.) What are you being obedient to? What we suppose or come upon may raise or break you. But if it has broken you, you must have disobeyed.

4.) Perhaps, it is a REAL LAW, an ORDER that, whether you are aware of it or not, whether you are oblivious to the ORDER, it still affects everything around you.

5.) Environment.

6.) “The Beauty” – see previous notes.

7.) “How do you see me, in my own personal space?”
“You are the collection of items around you.”

8.) Is obedience superficial?

9.) Want is not the same as like. For instance, you always get what you want, however you may not like the consequences. You may like an A, but what you wanted was a C, and that is why you failed the class.

10.) Something else going on. Something we need to make a connection here that is inspiring. Let’s write out the typed of obedience in behavior, that can translate to the mechanical functioning of any science, art, or natural function apparent.

-John Randall 04.20.2017 – 12:22 ET"

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