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John Randall's I. D. R. F. (Inter Domain Refraction Field): White Paper

John Randall's I. D. R. F. (Inter Domain Refraction Field): White Paper
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Monday 22nd May 2017 - 06:17 ET
by John Randall

White Paper - Introduction.

Here is the setup for a type of force field that is mobile with a person. There are several solutions listed which can work if the resources for any other solution expend.

1.) Degeneration or Evaporation of compounds in vicinity of a field.
2.) Teleportation.
3.) Re-Direction or Aversion.
4.) Levitation.
5.) Para-psychological Technology. (!)

Degeneration of compounds in vicinity of a field.

Using a very strong degeneration field or LASER, any personal attacks from an enemy militant would not be good for the attacker. This ‘fire’ field or ‘wall of fire’, could be enclosed in a bubble around the person and it would deter man-to-man combat, such as knife stabbings or other close combat. Additionally, with a secondary but more potent version of the field, a militant may go through dense materials quickly while walking around. An example would include a soldier running through a plaster and wood wall with no damage to the soldier. In essence, the materials around the soldier would ‘evaporate’ into dust. Essentially, a man with the field could go through a wall and leave his silhouette.

Figure 1. shows the setup for this force field, or what is more seemingly a DETER FIELD (such like a dog on a leash). The field can travel with the militant from RODS extending out from the center of the militant’s domain. A specified speed is determined to pick up lethal object velocities.

[Figure 1. Not shown]


Using my technique to teleport (this is found later, or else) any object in the vicinity of the calculated or metered field of the militant is ‘light-shifted’ to an area farther away.

[Figure 2. Not shown]

Re-Direction or Aversion.

For bullets or other air-borne magnetic object, a strong ‘magnet-satellite-robot’ would effectively steer the bullets or air-borne object a 30 degrees to 90 degrees away from the militant.

[Figure 3. Not shown]


Using John Randall’s Levitation technique, any enemy object may be lifted for:

1.) Suppression of actual people or animals (levitated threats).
a.) Bee swarm.
b.) Locust swarm.
c.) Other insect or parasite.
d.) Larger animals or objects.
e.) A freak with a gun (levitating the gun).
f.) Lethal Gas.

2.) Changing a mobile, floating, or flying threat’s direction or end location.

[Figure 4. Not shown]

Para-normal or Para-psychological Technology.

A militant may protect himself from explosive attacks by changing the properties of reality around him. This is something similar to Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Broadcasting. It can use the copulating of ‘mirrors’, or other non-traditional techniques such as Daemons and John Randall’s ‘Light Theory’.

Something interesting we can get from this is the ‘re-placement of human senses to an area around them’.

[Figure 5. Not shown]

Cost For Expansion.

The cost for a simple prototype or emulation, excluding the cost for related materials and development, should be around or less than $3000.

After the emulation, that is an exact copy on a smaller scale, a larger scale and full version could be built. The time frame for this depends on the amount or scale of the final product, setup, or solution.

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