Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Intelligence of a Kahn and the Threat of a Kahn by JOHN EDWARD RANDALL

The Intelligence of a Kahn and the Threat of a Kahn

"Je' suis kahn."

I am the leader.

"TO: Jim Mattis – Foreword.
Tuesday 11 April 2017 – 06:24 ET

Dear Jim Mattis,

The United States is vacant, either of people, or of people that can help. If you do not already know the status or information on the matter, it is information of an esoteric viewpoint, however fact, that opposes the root of elementary understanding and education since 1987.

We were raised on conservative values - everyone in the United States of America. A paternal figure fathered every family, and a progenitor of every science fathered the technological growth of this nation; into post-secondary school we had hopes spawned by a hierarchical ideology. Needless to say, without a head figure, our core values have become open and amorphous and this has deterred a successful and content reign, at least in modern times.

Since history, since the start of the human race, every political setup was the carry-on of the first. There were few to populate the earth. And when we get down to the current problem, it is as similar as the first, and it is one of uncivil brotherhood.

There is not a question of whether selectiveness will work or not; it will work. The next step is to identify the determination to survive in a country where there is a depravity of intelligence to Shepard it. The will is force; under the signals of a pending extinction, I suggest that it is now proper to use Prime Authority, for every state in its minutest state should enact the behavior to secure its survival.

Mr. Mattis, let me show you my solution, theory and ideology that will enable the United States, North America, and the earth to wade a scenario of Noah proportions. Consequently, there are also other things at play, things of seemingly and juvenile mystical construction. Though with the faith and protection of Goodness, the body or crux of movement should not be vanquished upon facing the ultimate truth. Curiosity should now be a point to reconstruct ourselves and our behavior and heal from the torture of fallacy.


John Edward Randall
United States of America"

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